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Quotes from recent books

Perhaps instead of posting brief book reviews, I should just post some interesting quotes. It probably would do more to inspire people to read the books.

"There are two great riddles in this world: How was I born? I don't remember. How shall I die? I don't know." -Alexander Solzhenitsyn, "Matryona's House"

"But it almost didn't matter what his personality was like, for by the time he came along, the whole endeavor... had been so thoroughly tainted with the eau de quackery that even the most sober, sensible [participant] had little hope of being taken seriously." --Arika Okrent, In the Land of Invented Languages

"Forward, electronics, your victory's achieved!
In all communications, progress is our creed!
Ignorance is darkness, technology is light!
Radio, our watchword; radio our might!

From the house to the shop floor,
from the sky to outer space,
Electronics researchers advance the human race!
We strive for perfection,
to give them what they need.
Radio, our watchword; radio our creed!"

--Alexander Solzhenitsyn, trans. Michael Clenny. This is a song sung by the electronics students in "For the Good of the Cause", but doesn't it sound like something Heinlein might've put in a story? Also, it sounds like a better version of some attempts in the IBM songbook and its peers.
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